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ECEA Round 6: RORR Enduro  

Bike: 09 KTM 200 

Result: 1st  A-200, 15th Overall 

Sponsors: I would like to thank Stickman Graphx,, EKS Brand Goggles, Kriega USA, Rekluse, All Balls Racing, EBC Brakes, Fly Racing, Mika Metals, DT-1 Filters, Works Enduro Rider, FMF Racing, Vertex Pistons, Powerseal USA, Matto Cycle, Clockwork KTM, Torc 1 Racing, Motorex, G2 Ergonomics, my family, and my Dad. 


            I’ve been so busy this summer that I’ve got out of my routine of writing race reports right after the race.  Since summer has started, I’ve focused on fine tuning my bike set-up for the rocks.  With a two week break between school and starting my internship with Christini AWD, I was able to test twice in the rocks.  I was well prepared for the Delaware Enduro where I placed 1st and 17th overall which helped build momentum towards my AA advancement.  Coming into RORR, I felt confident with my suspension settings and a freshly mounted Vee Rubber Trials tire with WER Tech Tube. 

            Sunday morning, I arrived at the race early and had adequate time to prepare myself.  Going into the first timed section, I felt confident but soon found myself on the ground a mile into the race.  I hit a log incorrectly and it sent me flying.  At the same time my handlebars hit me right in the thigh.  Luckily, I was able to hobble back onto the bike and finish the section.  After straightening my levers, handlebars and bark busters, I was able to ride more consistently throughout the rest of the day. 

            Although it was a long day, Hammer Nutrition Fizz, water, and Hammer Gel fueled me throughout the day.  The last section was the toughest of the day with long sections of rock gardens but luckily my trials tire got me through it.  By the end, I was able to place 15th overall and 1st in A200 even though I struggled throughout the day.  I’m hoping to put in a more solid ride and break the top ten in the next few races.  Thanks to all that have helped me this year!