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Race: ECEA Round 4: Greenbrier Enduro 

Bike: 09 KTM 200 

Result: 1st A-200, 18th Overall 


Sponsors: I would like to thank Stickman Graphx,, EKS Brand Goggles, Kriega USA, Rekluse, All Balls Racing, EBC Brakes, Fly Racing, Mika Metals, DT-1 Filters, Works Enduro Rider, FMF Racing, Vertex Pistons, Powerseal USA, Matto Cycle,, Clockwork KTM, Torc 1 Racing, Motorex, G2 Ergonomics,  Joann Hauser, my family, and my Dad. 


            I have been looking forward to racing the Greenbrier Enduro for a few months now.  It is always known to have great trail that separates out the competition fairly well.  I have been working hard to make subtle changes on the bike this season so that I am more prepared for the races.  Sunday morning, my dad and I drove down to the race.  I rode on row 28 with Ben Smith.

 My plan is to ride the rest of the year with Ben as I am hoping to learn a lot from a AA rider so that I can hopefully race AA next season. 

                My day started off a little slow as I shook out some cobwebs and missed the first couple flips.  Total, I missed 3 flips by fewer than 10 seconds which is frustrating but shows that I am on the edge of taking my speed to the next level.  Early on, I decided that subtle suspension changes were needed since the trail was smoother than previous weekends, and my front end seemed to be diving too much.  Once those changes occurred, I was able to finish the rest of the day strong.  I was surprised at my conditioning for the 15 mile section which I set a fairly good time in.  I am learning to keep my intensity up which can be tough in a 15 mile section. 

I am going to keep this week’s report short as I am in my final two weeks of school and finals are next week! Yikes!  But at the end of the day at Greenbrier, I came out with another A-200 class win and was able to finish 18th overall in a stacked class.  As long as I finish top 20, then I am happy with my riding because consistency is key for me making AA.  I want to thank everyone for their support as well as the Hammer Nutrition Recoverite product which got me back on my feet by Monday!  It is magic for the body.