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First National Win Zack Huberty



Race: ECEA Round 9: Foggy Mountain National Enduro 

Bike: 09 KTM 200 

Result: 1st  A-200, 40th Overall 

Sponsors: I would like to thank Stickman Graphx,, EKS Brand Goggles, Kriega USA, Rekluse, All Balls Racing, EBC Brakes, Fly Racing, Mika Metals, DT-1 Filters, Works Enduro Rider, FMF Racing, Vertex Pistons, Powerseal USA, Matto Cycle, Clockwork KTM, Torc 1 Racing, Motorex, G2 Ergonomics, my family, Erin Fisher, and my Dad. 


            The past few weeks of racing have been awesome for me as I’ve accomplished a few things that I’ve always dreamed of.  A few years ago, I never expected to do well in racing whether it be at the A, B, or C level.  But the past year, I’ve stepped it up and continued to improve slowly.  I’ve always been a consistent rider, but this year has been great.  Two weeks ago, I won my first Overall A at the HMDR Enduro and took a season best of 9th overall.  This weekend, I checked off another milestone. 

            On Friday, we headed to Foggy Mountain which is one of my favorite tracks on the ECEA circuit.  It is usually rocky, but the trail flows really well.  It can be technical in spots but it is a blast overall.  I mounted up a Vee Rubber trials tire along with a M59 as I expected the track to be rocky and hardpack. On Saturday, I had the chance to walk the track with some fast AA and Pro riders which was a good learning experience.  We walked the start of five out of six tests. 

            Sunday morning, I was excited to race, but nervous as I wasn’t sure where my current speed would place me in the overall.  At the NEPGs earlier in the year, my best finish was 70th overall.  I had a lot to prove in the rocks, and I wanted to be in the top 40 at the end of the day.  The first two sections of the day went great as I rode awesome.  I avoided arm pump by using HEED in my Kriega hydration system.  The 3rd section ruined my overall for the day as I missed a turn and got stuck in a ravine.  Now that I look back on it, I could have saved myself a lot of time in there but I wasted time turning around (too many logs in the ravine).  I was able to regroup myself for the last 3 tests where I landed in 33rd, 33rd, and 38th overall.  I still made some small mistakes but I felt great with my riding and fitness.  After 6 sections, I was able to win the A-200 class and place 40th overall.  This was also my first ever National win which is something I’ve wanted to do for years.  I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support!