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After reinstalling the suspension, it is helpful  to devote a little time to a test session.   This is best achieved by setting up a short course, one mile or less, that includes obstacles that you normally encounter in your riding. Ride the course a couple of times, and readjust as necessary, then, ride again.

Compression adjustment should be easy.  Just adjust as light as possible, front and rear, without experiencing excessive bottoming or excessive changes in geometry (busy steering feel). 


Rebound may be more difficult.  Generally, on sharp objects such as roots and rocks, rebound needs to be lighter to allow the wheels to return very quickly. Sandy whoops require more, especially for the rear shock in order to keep the rear of the bike down and maintain stability. The adjusters on all machines work similarly; clockwise increases dampening resistance. (think of a faucet; counter-clockwise opens the valve for quicker movement.)    


O n KYB, SHOWA, WP and MARZOCCHI, recommended settings will be the number of clicks out, counter clockwise from full hard, as described in your motorcycle owners manual.

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