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Prior to Installation: 

1)      Make sure you have received the right size tech tube for your application.  Use the 100 size for any tires with a 100/100-18 size.  For tires larger similar to the 110/100-18 size, use the 110 size tech tube.  For trials tires, we recommend the 120 size which is 4.25” in diameter. 

2)      Now, you need to figure out the correct length for the application.  We recommend using 72” for 100 and 110 sized tech tubes.  For a trial’s tire, 78” will be the correct length to use. 

3)      Now that you have the correct length, apply our synthetic lube (we sell them at the shop) or any type of mousse lube to the section.  Spread it on the tech tube itself and also inside the tire.  This will help prevent the heat from deteriorating the tech tube. 

4)      **One of the biggest mistakes by customers is not putting the correct length of tech tube in the tire.  When putting the correct length in the tire, it may appear that there is too much leftover (you may wonder how you will ever fit the required length in the tire).  Put a little muscle into the tech tube and stuff the tire by compressing the tech tube.  If you have any doubts, call  (908) 637-6385.  Once it is in the tire, proceed to put the tire on like a normal bib mousse.  If you have never changed a mousse, take it to a local dealer or watch our online instructional video at this link ( 

5)      Lastly, when installing the rim lock, place opposite of the seam in the tech tube.  If you accidentally forget, don’t worry too much as it should still work fine. 


1)      It is recommended to take the Tech Tube out after each ride to re-lube.  This will maximize the lifespan of the tech tube.   

2)      If the tires feel too soft or it looks a little flat, add another section of tech tube.  Try adding two inches at a time.  Stuff between the cut ends.  After the initial cut, you will have a leftover piece so hang onto that. 

3)      These are a little more maintenance intensive than a bib mousse, but also do not require any break-in time.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us.