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Works Enduro Rider specializes in suspension for all types of off road riding: enduro, hare scrambles, cross country, trail riding and dual sport. Many companies will put a lot of time and money advertising that their service is best. We prefer to spend our time and money buying the new model motorcycles and testing with them in all offroad conditions to pass our experience on to you.  

Works Enduro Rider is your off-road suspension specialist!

All revalving and settings are developed by 20 time ISDE veteran Drew Smith. Drew has worked as an R&D rider/technician for both Honda and Suzuki developing the XR's, DR's, DRZ's, RMX & PE's and is now dedicating much of his time testing with many of the top GNCC riders as well as a few up and comers.
Drew's extensive experience uniquely qualifies him as one of the most experienced off road suspension tuners in the world!

Works Enduro Rider can give your bike a plush ride with better control. We customize your suspension for you and your type of riding! 

48 hour


Fork revalve/rebuild* $160.00
Shock revalve/rebuild* $165.00
Fork clean and oil change* $94.50
Shock clean and oil change* $94.50
Shock clean and oil change PDS* $110.00
10 day
Fork- Hard anodizing and Teflon coating $129.00
Shock - Hard anodizing and Teflon coating $89.00
Suspension lowering forks** $170.00
Suspension lowering shock** $170.00
KTM - Husaberg PDS revalve and rebuild $180.00
KTM - Husaberg PDS Lowering $195.00

*Please note that suspension services include labor, oil and nitrogen.
Seals, springs, valving shims and other parts are additional cost items.
A rebuild costs the same as a revalve, minus the shims.
**Lowering services include revalve/rebuild service described above.
Hard anodizing gives your fork tubes and shock body a smooth, low friction
black coating that reduces wear and friction. Hard anodizing is especially
recommended for XR shocks to extend the life of the shock body.


Please click this link to download the PDF form and fax back to WER prior to us recieving your suspension!