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Stud Installation


1800 Stud closeup



Take the Stud Key and position the head of the stud inside the key. Put the screw tip of the stud on the proper location on the tire. Push straight down and start to rotate the stud slowly while pushing.

Slowly screw in the stud until the head of the key touches the surface of the tire. Repeat on remaining studs to be installed. Be careful not to over tighten studs as this may puncture tires.  Also, be sure to rotate the key slowly when installing studs.

CAUTION: Do not continue to screw once Key head touches tire surface. Over-rotation may

cause tears or lacerations in the rubber. If damage occurs from over tightening, the stud may not

be positioned correctly. Incorrect positioning may result in stud falling out during use. For proper installations, be sure to follow these two simple instructions:

1 - Rotate very slowly for best results.

2 - Push straight down until the key head touches tire.



Install Video