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Race Report: ECEA Round 5: Delaware Enduro
WER Rider: Zack Huberty
Bike: KTM 200 XC
Result: A-200 5th
Point Standings: 5th

Between the 3rd and 5th round, I was faced with a busy month. Because of my final
exams at Penn State, I was unable to go to the 4th round of the enduro series. This was a tough
decision on my part, but at the end of the day, school is very important to me. This choice was
tough because missing out on a round of the enduro series skips out on the opportunity of
gaining points on your competitors. However, the decision proved to be a good one as I was
able to end my second semester in a row with a 4.0 GPA. The weekend after college was
finished, I had the Delaware Enduro. Round 5 of the ECEA Enduro series was located on the
Delaware canal in Delaware. The week coming up to the enduro was filled with rain and it
evened rained some on race day.
I am going to keep this week pretty short because it was filled with more lessons rather
than good racing. The first test of the day was the same as last year. It featured some tighter
woods trails along with some field sections. Coming out of the check, I scored a 1 which was
what most riders were dropping, however; some of the fastest A riders were zeroing the section.
The next section of the day mixed in woods trail, a sand pit, and grass track. I felt pretty good in
this section. I faced a couple problems though. Going into the section, my tool pack was pulled
off by a limb so I had to stop and run back down the trail to get it. My other problem throughout
the section was that my bike kept on stalling. The idle seemed to be turned too low so it kept
stalling on downhills or in the corners. Because of this, my score in this section was slower than
my competitors.
The day only seemed to get worse. After two sections, I was already feeling tired and
sore. My forearms were tight and burned. I was frustrated with myself because I knew that I
should have been in better shape. After not riding for a month and a half, my muscles were not
used to the torture. After the first gas stop, the day slowly went downhill. In the 3rd section of
the day, I was feeling good until I hit a bottleneck with a few riders stuck on a ridge. I was
impatient and tried to get around them, but I ended up falling down the side of the ridge onto a
log. I struggled to get my bike untangled from the log. Another competitor actually helped me
get untangled which I appreciate. This was my first mental mistake for the day. Instead of
waiting like I should have, I got stuck and lost a lot of energy.
With all of the mud and slick trails, I was pretty wiped out by the middle of the race. For
the rest of the day, I played damage control as I tried to make it in one piece back to the finish. I
continued to make fundamental mistakes throughout the day. There was one section where I
tried to be ahead of time. I ended up burning the check-in which was frustrating. I rode well
through the section. As I was looking down to make sure I slowed down for the check-out, I
noticed I was running hot. I burned the out-check as well. This is a mistake I can’t make again
because it cost me 4 points.
Throughout the rest of the day, I tried to work on the fundamentals of riding. I was not
focused on the racing aspect. I wanted to ride smooth and just get to the end. The heat also
didn’t help which left me dehydrated by the end of the race. This was one of my worst races, yet
I know I can re-group from it and learn from these mistakes. The next round goes back to the

sand which I am looking forward to. I will take the next week to figure out how I can be better
prepared for the next race and the ones to come. Stay tuned for the next race report!
Once again, I could not have done all of this without the support my family, especially
my dad for his race support, as well as my sponsors which are Johnny Limp at Torc1Racing,
Drew Smith at WER Suspension, PowerSeal USA, FMF, BRP, EKS Brand Goggles, P3, All
Balls Racing, Galfer USA, Sixsixone, Kenda, N-Style, Vertex Pistons, AXO, DT-1 Filters, AP
Brakes, Motorex, Acerbis, Matto Cycle, MotoConcepts, Renthal, Clockwork KTM, and Topar
Racing. I would also like to thank Paul J Freeman for
help with pictures.

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