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Mike Medeiros #786 

Class:  AA  

Bike:   2013 KTM 250 XC  

Age: 19 

Born: October 4, 1993 

Hometown: Freehold, NJ 

Racing Goals: In 2013 I plan to compete in all rounds of the AMA National Enduro Series and the ECEA Hare Scramble Series.    

Who taught me how to ride: My Dad 

How old were you: 4 years old 

First Bike: Honda XR 50 

First Competition: ECEA Youth Hare Scramble at Wild West City in New Jersey. 

Result: First Place. 

Different types of racing you've tried: Hare Scrambles, Enduro and Motocross 

Did you have and early role model:   Rich & Mike Lafferty 

Highlights of racing career up to 2013:  4th Overall in ECEA youth series in 2009, 3rd in B-200 in 2010, 1st in A-200 in 2011, 2nd in A-Open and 4th overall in 2012. AA for the 2013 Season. 

Favorite course: Brandywine Enduro Riders National Enduro, Cross Fork, PA.