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Rider Name: Kyle Tino         



2008 50cc National Harescramble Champion 

2008 50cc ECEA Harescramble Champion 

2008 50cc NEOC Harescramble Champion 


2009 65cc Overall peewee Champion 

2009 65cc 7-9 class ECEA Harescramble Champion 

2009 65cc 7-9 class District 6 Harescramble Champion 

2009 65cc IRONMAN Champion 


2010 65cc 7-11class  National Harescramble Champion 

2010 65cc 10-11class ECEA Harescramble Champion 

2010 65cc 7-9 class NEOC Harescramble Champion 





2011 65cc 10-11 class NEOC Harescramble Champion 

2011 65cc 10-11 class  ECEA Harecramble Champion  

Finished 1st place in 3 of this years National races 7-11 65cc 


24 Races in 2011   

                (23)- 1st place finishes 


Age:  11  

Hometown:  Harmony, NJ                             

Height:  short  

Weight:  75lbs  

Current Bike: FOR 2011 - KTM 85cc  

Race Number:   #26  

Series:   ECEA, NEOC, GNCC, & National Harescrambles  

Training:  I train constantly. Riding daily, racing weekends. Involved in a  rigorous wrestling program 5 days a week in the off season for fitness along with ice riding to keep familiar with the bike.  

Favorite Race:  ALL of them!!  

Hobbies:  Riding, Hiking, Wrestling  

Favorite Food:    Shrimp and Rice  

Sponsors:    WER, Hanover Power Sports, Moose, MGX Graphix 

What do you like best about WER Suspension? 

Feel free to add anything unique about yourself. 

 In our family, attendance in school and good grades always comes first.  Currently in 5th grade, Kyle is an A student and always tries his best and understands the importance of a good education.  He is also a successful wrestler on the school varsity wrestling team.  He has a younger brother named Jason who he constantly rides with whenever he gets the chance.  Kyle also belongs to an AMA club called the Ridge Riders Motorcycle Club(RRMC), where he and his family help in the set up of an enduro and harescramble every year.

On the race track we are committed to upholding our responsibility to our sponsors.  We participate in all of our scheduled races, as well as other race-related events.  Kyle brings a lot of exposure to his sponsors as a winning rider.  He is currently the 2011 NEOC and ECEA Champion, and won 1st in the 3 National Races he attended.  His pictures on the podium appear in several racing magazines and local newspapers.  We also attend end of year banquets, where his photo will appear in Trail Rider Magazine holding the #1 plate for the 10-11 65cc class.  Our bikes are always clean, look good, and run in top condition.   We are proud to have WER as our sponsor and will be displayed on our bikes!!