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W.E.R./Drew Smith have provided custom suspension tuning for off-road competitors at all levels, including National Enduro, G.N.C.C., I.S.D.E., W.E.C., E.C.E.A., N.E.T.R.A., S.E.T.R.A., S.E.R.R.A as well as for dual sport and trail rider enthusiasts.

Drew is a 20-time I.S.D.E. competitor, multi-National Enduro winner and has rode extensively as a competitor and a Research & Development test rider for Honda and Suzuki.

WHO NEEDS SUSPENSION TUNING?Manufacturers develop different off-road and motocross models based on a target market and offering different types of bikes for various potential customers.

Your suspension is a package; it’s impossible to make changes to your front forks or rear shock and not have it affect the other end.  So, when getting involved with a suspension tuner expect to have both front forks and rear shock revalved or tuned to provide for a balanced suspension package.

With regard to suspension tuning on these various models, most manufacturers will use their target medium weight of 165-175 lbs. to provide a base line setup.  Doing so, they have to take into consideration the vastly different circumstances encountered throughout the varied terrain in the United States.

This, unfortunately, lends itself to some compromises and often it’s the riders who compete in very technical rocky and rooty conditions, as we have here in the east, that pay the biggest price.  So just to sum it up in one simple thought, even if you’re a technical environment, you still need proper suspension tuning to maximize your performance.  If you’re significantly heavier or lighter, you will quickly find out that you must do some tuning.

Trust your instinct.   If you feel you are being held back by your suspension setup, you surely are and it’s our mission to put you on track to satisfaction.



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