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Race: GNCC Round 5, Loretta Lynns TN

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Team: JG Off Road, GEICO, Monster Energy Kawasaki
Rider: Paul Whibley
Bike: KX 450F
Result: 7th class, 11th overall

ready to roost!Thunder storms were forecast for the day and a lot of rain falling overnight had already drowned the track.  Heavy rain came through when the morning race started at 10am and was expected to continue all day but by the time we lined up the sun was trying to peak out.  Although the damage had been done and the track was pretty water logged.
From the start I got filled in heading to turn one but emerged from the shower of blinding brown water in third.  I was completely soaked through, my gloves were wet and slippery and my goggles were struggling with the shear volume of water being hurled at them from the bikes in front.  During the first lap several of us traded the lead as we worked our way around the track.  Most of the passing took place as we climbed the hills that had lines wiggling up them in all directions.  We would each choose a line and emerge at the top in a rearranged order depending on who guessed the good line.  I stopped for goggles after a lap and with a fresh view of the track worked my way back up to be in touch with the leaders.  On the second lap a lot of guys stopped for gas as the laps were slightly longer than normal.  I got the signal to go another lap and tried to put in a good lap so I would still be near the front after I gassed on lap 3.  I was struggling with arm pump a little as my gloves were so wet and slippery it made hanging on tough.
After I gassed and got new gloves I felt ready to make another charge but a couple of miles later I hit a slight snag.  My chain came off.  I jumped off ready to refit it and get back into the action.  I soon realized that my master link was gone.  Millions of things passed through my mind, most I cant print here but I quickly started thinking about damage limitation and how I could get back to the pits.  I started to push my bike.  A small uphill got the heart rate near the red line then it was down hill to a road that lead to the pits.  By the time I got back and I had lost a lot of time.  The team got me a new chain and back on the track as soon as possible.  I was a long way back and just hoped to make it into the top 20 to score some points.
By the end of the race I was back to 7th in class and 11th overall.  Still pretty bummed with the day but it could have been worse.
Jimmy Jarrett and Scotty Watkins kept the JG Off Road, GEICO, Monster Energy Kawasaki flag flying with Jimmy taking 2nd overall and Scotty winning the XC2 class.  JT even ran the morning race and took 2nd in his first race in a long time.

Thanks to my following sponsors for their continued support:
GEICO, Monster Energy Kawasaki, Moose Racing, Pirelli, Shoei, Sidi, Smith, CTi, RG3 Suspension, Moto SR, Leo Vince, ProMoto Billet/Fastway, IMS, Vortex Ignitions, Renthal, Enduro Engineering, G2, P.G. Graphics, Silkolene, EBC Brakes, Tsubaki Chains, No Toil, WER, Rekluse, BRP, Motion Pro, Works Connection

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