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Winter Race Report 2011



Mud and Snow Scrambles - Port Crane, NY 

This winter it was tough to ride with all of the snow we got in northern NJ. So I go further north to ride where they have a winter race series.  It is held near Binghamton, NY. They run 8 races per race day with different classes in each race. The races are around 30 minutes long. They allow studded tires and ice screws in this series.

 I race two classes per race day. In the morning I race the Super Open class (Any full size bike size and rider skill level) and later in the day I race the Expert Bike class.  This series is an excellent way to train during the winter months due to the changing conditions and difficulty of the races. The snow and ground conditions are always changing with the temperature.  Also it works on sprinting speed due to the shortness of the races.

This year I was able to make it to 5 of the mud and snow scrambles. My results are below

12/5/10- Super Open 2nd – Expert 4th

1/9/11- Super Open 5th - Expert 6th

1/30/11- Super Open 2nd- Expert 4th

2/6/11- Super Open 3rd – Expert 4th

2/20/11- Super Open 4th- Expert 4th



Sand Lapper National Enduro- Salley, SC- 2/27/11 

Class- 250A Result- 6th in class, 33rd overall

The Sand Lapper was an excellent enduro. For not being able to ride in dirt without snow since December I felt like I rode really well. I was able to ride as hard as I could all day without making any major mistakes or crashing. I started cramping later in the day because I was not used to the 80 degree weather, but I pushed through it and I don’t feel it slowed me down.  This event was a great warm up to the ECEA enduro season. With a little more time on the bike I know this will be a great season of racing, with great results.

My girlfriend gave me a GoPro camera for Christmas and I have been having fun making videos, so check out my Youtube page at



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