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Summer Race Report

6/122011 Reading Harescramble
Tamaqua, PA
Class- AA
Finish- 11th

Always a great difficult race, this year was no different. They added a little bit of new trail. It is always a fun weekend.  I didn’t get a good start but I was able to make my way up a bit. I had a good race with no big mistakes.

6/19/11 Shotgun Enduro
Grier City, PA
Class- AA
Finish- 5th

This is always a great race with one of the most difficult A/AA sections in the series. I made a small mistake and burned a check, and my chain came off a few times and cost me a bit of time, but I had a great race otherwise.

6/25- 6/26/11 Ben Smith Riding School
Hancock, NY

This is my second riding school. I did two one day classes, with a total of 20 students. Everyone had a great time. Everyone was able to get some great information and apply it to their riding. I had a great time teaching, and always learn something myself. It also helps me really thing about what gives me my success so I can convey that information properly it to my students. This was my fundraiser for my Trip to the International Six Days Enduro in Finland (report to come) With great success I plan on teaching more riding schools.

7/17/11 Foggy Mountain Enduro
Blain, PA
Class- AA
Finish- 8th

I was on my way to have an excellent day but an early in the day crash broke my shifter off and broke by foot peg. I was stuck in 2 nd gear for most of the day which really slowed me down. I was able to fix it at the second gas stop and had two good sections.  It was an awesome race and am looking forward to redeeming myself next year.
7/31/11 Rattlesnake National Enduro
Cross Fork, PA
Class- 250A
Finish- 11th

This enduro was a national for the First time and the club pulled out all the stops. They added a lot of new trail which made for an excellent day. I rode conservatively since I was leaving the following day for the ISDE in Finland. Overall I had an excellent race

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