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Andrew Gross - WNYOA round 6, Thunder Ridge




By Andrew Gross


June 26, 2013


This weekends race at Thunder Ridge was a lot of fun, but hot. The temperature was in the upper 80’s and very humid.


I love the Thunder Ridge race because it is rough terrain and a lot like home. I think that is why I always do well there. It is located just a couple of miles down the road from the famous Unadilla motocross track, but it is very different terrain. Much steeper and not as open.


It was hot and dry at the start, but the woods were extremely muddy, with a lot of off camber turns and there were deep ruts from the skidders when they had logged the property last year. I got the holeshot but crashed when my back wheel went out going over some whoops in the woods. I recovered, but by the time I did, I was in third place after the first lap.

I caught up and made a couple of passes, rounded the second lap in first and held that through the final lap. Results- 1st in the Supermini 14-15 class and 1st overall.
My tech tube foam tire inserts have been holding up well and I am very glad to have them. Thanks to W.E.R. for their support with my suspension and tire inserts.


Next week is round 7, Ithaca Dirt Riders.