W.E.R./Drew Smith have provided custom suspension tuning for off-road competitors at all levels, including National Enduro, G.N.C.C., I.S.D.E., W.E.C., E.C.E.A., N.E.T.R.A., S.E.T.R.A., S.E.R.R.A as well as for dual sport and trail rider enthusiasts.

Drew is a 20-time I.S.D.E. competitor, multi-National Enduro winner and has rode extensively as a competitor and a Research & Development test rider for Honda and Suzuki



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Works Enduro Rider specializes in suspension for all types of off road riding: enduro, hare scrambles, cross country, trail riding and dual sport. Many companies will put a lot of time and money advertising that their service is best. We prefer to spend our time and money buying the new model motorcycles and testing with them in all offroad conditions to pass our experience on to you.
Works Enduro Rider is your off-road suspension specialist!



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Our exclusive Off-Road valve body eliminates the need for a second adjustment.
No damping back to center so that maneuverability and jumping are unaffected.
Teflon impregnated heim joints at each end of actuation arm eliminate friction.
Does not interfere with handlebars, controls or time keeping equipment.
Infinately adjustable.
Multiple GNCC and Enduro Reliability Championships.



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Grip Studs durable motorcycle tire studs deliver unbelievable traction allowing you to ride in even the nastiest weather. Whether you're looking for cutting edge traction to race that winter enduro or just looking for some winter fun, Grip Studs diverse auger depths work with almost any size tire, and varying prominences customize studs for riding on ice, snow or mud all season long.